Why e-Discovery Won’t Replace Legal Couriers

Legal couriers have long played an important role in helping lawyers deliver important documents to courts, associates, and opposing parties. However, with the advent of e-Discovery, the need to physically transfer documents has been dramatically reduced when it comes to conducting discovery.

It is certainly true that in many cases, documents, emails, and data files relevant to a dispute can efficiently be shared with an opposing party in digital form, removing the need to physically collect the evidence and deliver it in paper form. However, the fact that e-Discover exists does not remove the need for law firms to have a reliable legal courier service at its disposal. Below are a few reasons that e-Discovery won’t replace the need for legal couriers when it comes to discovery.

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Motorcycle and Bicycle Safety Awareness Month

Whether you are a rider yourself, or you only see others riding as you drive your car or truck each day, you will want to take note that May is Motorcycle and Bicycle Safety Awareness Month. While safe driving of and around motorcycles and bicycles is important all year round, it’s nice to have one month of the year that everyone can take to re-learn and remind others of road rules and safety tips.

The Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Department has launched a “Share the Road” campaign for the state of Florida. This website is an excellent resource for safety information and is worth a read as you take to the South Florida roads. However, you may wonder “why?” Why is motorcycle and bicycle safety such a big deal? Avoiding accidents, injury and fatalities are the reasons why. We’ve gathered a few statistics that will likely convince you to take note!

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Local Courier Services Solve Company Problems Related to Delivery of Parts and Supplies

Maintaining the timely flow of parts and supplies is critical to business survival. Whether your company imports and distributes parts to retailers, or sells parts and supplies directly to consumers, rapid access to the part or supply that is needed keeps clients happy and business humming.

You may find that it is not cost-effective to employ a parts delivery driver and maintain large stocks of parts and supplies in on-hand inventory. Besides vehicle expense, storage space, and insurance there are several costs that accompany such procedures. Someone has to be on hand to dispatch the driver, oversee vehicle use and maintenance. Accurate inventory must be maintained, and a system must be devised that allows employees to quickly determine the location of each stored item and send it where it needs to go.

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Use of Local Courier Services by the Legal Industry and by Nonprofit Organizations

Local courier companies provide many services to nonprofit organizations as well as to all sectors of the legal industry. Although these two groups often have different interests and objectives, the reasons they rely on local couriers remain the same. They know that their deliveries will be made on time and that confidentiality will be kept.

By using reliable local courier services, people working for legal or nonprofit entities gain valuable time to focus on other important aspects of their work. They have peace of mind, knowing that deadlines will be met and important papers and packages will have safe transit until they are delivered into the hands of their intended recipients. Tracking methods and proof of receipt processes provided by the local courier company furnish needed documentation for sensitive shipments.

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