Shipping Delays Harming Customer Experience? Solve Them With LTL And Truckload Transport.

No matter what industry you’re in, customer experience is key to long-term success. One of the greatest threats to the customer experience is with shipping delays. For better or worse, we live in the age of Amazon, which leads customers to expect near-instant delivery of just about anything.

Of course, those of us in the transportation and logistics industry understand that the full supply chain is far more complicated than free two-day shipping leads customers to believe. In the real world of logistics and supply chains, shipping delays are a significant problem. And if you’re not careful, your logistics woes can start to harm your business’s customer experience.

At ASL Forwarding we understand the importance of the customer experience. We help our clients solve their shipping woes through a variety of means.

In today’s blog post we’ll look at how LTL and truckload transportation can help to alleviate logistics frustrations.

Issues Plague Containerized Cargo Transport

Industry insiders know the issues facing containerized cargo transport well, but in case you aren’t dealing with this stuff daily, here’s an overview.

The containerized cargo model (where shipping containers travel by sea, then are unloaded onto trains or onto chassis hauled by semi-trucks) is usually effective and inexpensive. One thing it’s not? Fast. Cargo ship transport is efficient, but it’s slow.

Once containers are offloaded at the port, there are more potential headaches. The industry has undergone a shift in how chassis are delivered, and there are big issues here. Containers (and drivers) often wait in major backlogs for chassis, keeping goods from reaching their destination in a timely fashion.

If you’re interested to learn more about the problems with chassis availability, here’s a good explainer.

The chassis issue has gotten so severe that some owner-operators avoid container work, and some inland intermodal facilities face months-long delays.

LTL and Truckload Transportation Avoid Classic Containerization Issues

LTL and truckload transportation can’t solve the speed of sea freight, but they certainly can solve the other issues we mentioned.

In some situations, you may consider transferring your imported cargo to a trans-load or cross-dock facility near the port of arrival so that you can transfer containerized cargo to traditional shipping via tractor-trailer. This doesn’t avoid all the headaches of chassis backup, but in some cases, it can minimize them.

The biggest gain is for businesses that export overseas, especially inland businesses. By shipping your goods by truck to the coastal port, you can save significant time over containerized shipping via rail or intermodal. Containerizing your goods may cost less, but in trying to get your goods to the seaport by rail, you may get ensnared in the mess of chassis availability.

LTL and Truckload Transportation Save Time (and Even Money)

We’ve already covered how LTL and truckload transportation can avoid some of the headaches associated with container-based intermodal shipping. Now let’s focus on the bottom line.

There are many situations where choosing LTL and truckload transportation in place of containerized shipping saves time. Over-the-road trucking offers faster transit time than rail or ocean, so wherever it’s feasible, it serves as a method of expediting the shipping process.

Not only that, choosing truckload or LTL can save money, too. Here’s one example: we regularly ship truckloads from Canada to Miami for export to Central America and the Caribbean. By choosing truckload shipping for most of the journey, we save customers money and shave three to five days off transit time required for sea transport from Canada to the Caribbean.

ASL Forwarding Is Your LTL and Truckload Transportation Solution

ASL Forwarding has been solving customer experience issues through LTL and truckload transportation for years. If you’d like to learn more about how we can improve your logistics, contact us today.

Dependable Local Delivery Provides a Better Experience than National Carriers

For October, we’ll be focusing on customer experience here on the blog. As business leaders and managers, you know that customer experience is vital. Everyone is looking for cost-effective ways to improve the customer experience. One way many businesses can do this is by utilizing courier services for local deliveries. Here are a few ways that courier services can improve the customer experience.

The first and most obvious way that local courier services can improve your customer experience is by improving the overall experience of delivering and receiving items.

To put it bluntly, dependable local couriers provide a better experience than national carriers can. We’ve all seen the horror stories online. Maybe you’ve experienced some yourself. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • A national carrier reports that a package is out for delivery, only for it to reroute to some warehouse two states away and show up a week late.
  • A package is marked as “delivered on time,” but it’s nowhere to be found, taking weeks to resolve.
  • A package is delivered, but it’s tossed into the bushes, dropped, or bent and shoved into a mail slot.
  • A carrier reports that the driver attempted delivery, but your security cameras show that no driver ever came by.

It’s not that national carriers aren’t trying to provide good service. It’s just that this is a complicated business to scale nationally without reducing quality. A national firm can’t afford to be as selective when hiring drivers as a smaller local or regional company can.

We’ve said that the local courier service is better. Now let’s drill down into specific ways that this is the case.

Courier Services Provide Timely, Same-Day Local Deliveries

Courier services can provide timely, same-day deliveries to local markets in a way that national carriers can’t match. That’s because a courier will pick up an item from you directly and deliver it to the recipient straight away. Typically there aren’t any delays for warehousing or hub-and-spoke style operations.

Sure, you may pay a bit more for this kind of customized service, but in some businesses, it’s more than worth it.

Courier Services Are Accurate

When you choose a local Florida courier service, you’re getting a highly accurate delivery service. Often, couriers can even deliver documents by hand inside an office building, if needed.

Courier Services Are Careful

Amazon has been in and out of the news lately. As it transitioned from using national carriers to deliver its packages to contracting their own fleet of delivery contractors, there have been some real hiccups. New, unproven delivery contractors were caught tossing boxes over gates and fences. Drivers were caught on video, making no real attempt to deliver a package, then marking it “undeliverable” and moving on. And who of us hasn’t at least once received something we ordered online in damaged condition?

Local courier services are careful in their delivery methods, ensuring none of these kinds of troubles take place.

Courier Services Offer Enhanced Security

Lastly, courier services offer enhanced security that other delivery options can’t match. We offer package tracking and sign for the delivery, but the security goes deeper than this. There is also a more transparent chain of custody since we don’t rely on central warehouses, where items pass between multiple people and vehicles. In most cases, the courier who picks up your article is the same one who delivers it to the recipient.

ASL Forwarding Is Your Florida Courier Services Solution

Could you see your business benefiting from any of the customer experience enhancements listed above? If so, it’s time to give local courier services another look. Contact ASL Forwarding today at 305.615.1577 or send us an email for more information. We’re proud to serve the state of Florida.

When You Need Same Day Service, Think Courier Service : A Beginner’s Guide

Same Day Delivery –

At ASL Forwarding, courier service is a large part of our business. It’s a familiar term, but many people aren’t clear on what a courier service is or its best use. That’s why we’ve put together this beginner’s guide to courier service. Read on to learn what courier service is and what makes it the right choice for many businesses.

Courier Service: The Basics

In short, courier service is a specialized shipping service that offers services not available by standard postal shipping. National companies like UPS and FedEx are couriers. They ship packages independently of the postal service and offer some shipping services that the USPS doesn’t provide.
But most people aren’t thinking of big, national companies when they talk about courier services. They’re thinking of smaller, regional firms like us that specialize in secure, door-to-door delivery of documents and packages. In a local courier model, typically one person (the courier) picks up and drops off the delivery. There’s no long, extensive chain of custody that could allow for parcels to be lost.

Who Uses Local Courier Service?

All sorts of people use a local courier service. It’s popular with attorneys, who need sensitive documents delivered quickly by hand. Others in related industries like exporters and customs brokers have the same needs.
But it doesn’t stop with those industries. If your business needs documents or packages delivered locally or even nationally with same day service, then courier service is an excellent choice for you.

ASL Forwarding: Your Local Courier

ASL Forwarding is your local courier throughout south Florida. Our courier service operates in Miami, Miramar, Pembroke Pines, Weston, Ft. Lauderdale, Hialeah, Doral, and Hollywood FL. We cover Davie, Plantation, Dania, Opa-Locka, Miami Lakes and Aventura as well.
Are you looking for local courier service in South Florida? Contact us today to get started.

11 Breathtaking Places to Visit for Fall Foliage

The rich orange, yellow, and red colors are one of the most memorable parts of the autumn season. Fortunately, fall foliage is present in nearly every part of the globe. No matter which country you visit, there is a high chance you will be able to find breathtaking views during the autumn months. I’ve selected 11 of my favorite, most breathtaking places to visit around the world to see scenic fall foliage

Brilliant fall colors of Central Park foliage in the late afternoon. Aerial view toward Central Park West. Upper West Side, Manhattan, New York City

Once you see these places, you are going to want to grab your passports, mark your calendar, and start saving for your next fall vacation!

1. Daigoji Temple, Kyoto, Japan

2. Chain Bridge in Budapest, Hungary

4. Green Mountain Highway (Route 100), Vermont, USA

5. Jiuzhai Valley National Park, China

6. Denali National Park and Preserve, Alaska, USA

7. Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina and Virginia, USA

8. Central Park, New York, New York, USA

9. Niagra Falls, New York, USA

10. Highlands, Scotland

11. Quebec, Canada

Safely Loading Heavy and Oversize Equipment for Transport

Safely Loading Heavy and Oversize Equipment for Transport

Transporting heavy and oversize equipment calls for extra care and safety precautions at all stages. Here are general guidelines for safely loading heavy and oversize equipment for transport:

Risk Assessment

Before the job begins, a risk assessment must be performed. The risk assessment looks at the particular task and the conditions and possible hazards that exist in the area. It determines what equipment and procedures are necessary to do the job safely and correctly. For transport, this would mean assessing the risks of the particular equipment being carried, and the loading area ground conditions. The vehicle must be the correct capacity for the job and in excellent functioning condition. The load must be within allowed vehicle weight, both in total and per the vehicle axle-load distribution. The best method and material to secure the oversize load must be determined. All proper equipment and safety gear such as flags and oversize load banner must be utilized.

Assembling a Competent Team

A competent team must be assembled to do the job. This includes a qualified driver, spotter, and any other necessary personnel. Everyone on the crew must be wearing the necessary safety gear. This means proper clothing, gloves, hard hats, safety glasses, hearing protection, and steel-toed boots if required. The risk assessment should be shared with all team members so everyone knows their role in the job.


The loading itself must be done safely, utilizing a spotter to direct the driver. The equipment operator/driver and spotter undertaking this job must be properly trained and/or certified and any equipment utilized should be in excellent working condition and clean. The loading area itself should be isolated from other areas so that no outside traffic interferes. The equipment should be optimally arranged for safe and secured with proper restraining devices so that it cannot shift during transit. The securing method should be checked to make sure quality and strength are sufficient, and that forces are distributed as evenly as possible. Safety is always the highest priority.

ASL Forwarding Oversize Load Hauling Services.

It’s very important to know and follow all the requirements when moving an oversized load on US Highways or Interstates. This is a complex, hazardous undertaking, best suited for professionals. For dependable oversize load hauling services, outsource your project to ASL Forwarding. For more information call us at 305.615.1577 or 954.380.1125 or visit us at

Planning to move an oversize load on US Highways or Interstates? Here’s vital information to take into account.

First, what exactly is an “oversize load?” Oversize shipments are regulated by the individual states, not the Federal Government. An oversize load is one that is greater than state restrictions of length, width, or height. Each state has its legal definition of oversize. Oversize heights generally range from between 13.5 feet to15.0 feet. The state width restrictions for a wide load generally are set at 8.5 feet. Maximum gross vehicle weight of an oversize load is 80,000 lbs. on all axles. Carrying these loads is a job for specialized commercial trucks, trailers, and rigging equipment.

Oversize Load Requirements

There are several things you must take into account when moving an oversized load on US highways or Interstate. This is a serious undertaking that requires great care. They present significant potential hazards to property and others.

  • A route survey must be taken to ensure the load can safely move through from start to destination.
  • An oversize permit is required for every state traveled through.
  • All required Municipal, State, and Federal Government bonds must be satisfied.
  • Frost laws and bridge weight laws must be strictly observed.

Escorts, Banners, and Travel Times

Escorts are often required for oversize loads. These usually include a “pilot car” in front of the oversize vehicle, displaying signage, usually one mile ahead of the load. This car checks for hazardous situations such as low power lines or construction zones. A “pole car” is used for loads over 14’3″ to ensure that the vehicle will safely fit beneath all bridges. A “chase car” or following vehicle may also be required. The vehicle with the oversize load must be identified with a banner stating “WIDE LOAD” or “OVERSIZE LOAD.” A special flag is required at each corner of a wide load. Most states also restrict these loads to daytime travel, between 30 minutes before sunrise and 30 minutes after sunset. They are also generally restricted to travel on weekdays and non-holidays.

State Requirements Vary

It’s important to realize that each state traveled through has its own unique, specific requirements that must be fulfilled. Each state requires a permit. That permit defines the conditions under which the load may travel, the escort vehicles required, and the safety equipment necessary. Safety equipment includes warning signs, special required lights, and flags. It’s important also that sufficient insurance is carried by transporters of these loads. If a load exceeds maximum weight or dimension in a particular state, State Police escort may be required. Assistance from local utilities could be necessary. These special conditions of travel all mean delivery times must be slower than normal travel times as well. But following all requirements is vital to ensure that oversize loads travel and arrive safely!

ASL Forwarding Oversize Load Hauling Services.

It’s very important to know and follow all the requirements when moving an oversized load on US Highways or Interstates. This is a complex, hazardous undertaking, best suited for professionals. For dependable oversize load hauling services, outsource your project to ASL Forwarding. For more information call us at 954.380.1125 or visit us at

Why e-Discovery Won’t Replace Legal Couriers

Legal couriers have long played an important role in helping lawyers deliver important documents to courts, associates, and opposing parties. However, with the advent of e-Discovery, the need to physically transfer documents has been dramatically reduced when it comes to conducting discovery.

It is certainly true that in many cases, documents, emails, and data files relevant to a dispute can efficiently be shared with an opposing party in digital form, removing the need to physically collect the evidence and deliver it in paper form. However, the fact that e-Discover exists does not remove the need for law firms to have a reliable legal courier service at its disposal. Below are a few reasons that e-Discovery won’t replace the need for legal couriers when it comes to discovery.

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Motorcycle and Bicycle Safety Awareness Month

Whether you are a rider yourself, or you only see others riding as you drive your car or truck each day, you will want to take note that May is Motorcycle and Bicycle Safety Awareness Month. While safe driving of and around motorcycles and bicycles is important all year round, it’s nice to have one month of the year that everyone can take to re-learn and remind others of road rules and safety tips.

The Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Department has launched a “Share the Road” campaign for the state of Florida. This website is an excellent resource for safety information and is worth a read as you take to the South Florida roads. However, you may wonder “why?” Why is motorcycle and bicycle safety such a big deal? Avoiding accidents, injury and fatalities are the reasons why. We’ve gathered a few statistics that will likely convince you to take note!

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Local Courier Services Solve Company Problems Related to Delivery of Parts and Supplies

Maintaining the timely flow of parts and supplies is critical to business survival. Whether your company imports and distributes parts to retailers, or sells parts and supplies directly to consumers, rapid access to the part or supply that is needed keeps clients happy and business humming.

You may find that it is not cost-effective to employ a parts delivery driver and maintain large stocks of parts and supplies in on-hand inventory. Besides vehicle expense, storage space, and insurance there are several costs that accompany such procedures. Someone has to be on hand to dispatch the driver, oversee vehicle use and maintenance. Accurate inventory must be maintained, and a system must be devised that allows employees to quickly determine the location of each stored item and send it where it needs to go.

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Use of Local Courier Services by the Legal Industry and by Nonprofit Organizations

Local courier companies provide many services to nonprofit organizations as well as to all sectors of the legal industry. Although these two groups often have different interests and objectives, the reasons they rely on local couriers remain the same. They know that their deliveries will be made on time and that confidentiality will be kept.

By using reliable local courier services, people working for legal or nonprofit entities gain valuable time to focus on other important aspects of their work. They have peace of mind, knowing that deadlines will be met and important papers and packages will have safe transit until they are delivered into the hands of their intended recipients. Tracking methods and proof of receipt processes provided by the local courier company furnish needed documentation for sensitive shipments.

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